Counselling Testimonials

I have benefited greatly from counselling as it was offered to me at a time of crisis for our family. Although we have a huge mountain to climb I feel at least I can meet that challenge.


Counselling gave me hope when I was at a point that I felt that there was none. It helped me deal with some very difficult feelings and move on.


Nilam listened to me and did not judge me. She gave me the ability to believe in my judgments which in turn helped me to voice these.


The Time4Hope Service should be widely available to all parents who have a child with a disability. School and The NHS are so underfunded and do not always have the time to speak. There will be many parents like myself who will be crying out for a service like this.


I feel that counselling with Nilam has enabled me to have a voice, to allow me to vocalise the life I had lead and how it impacted on every aspect of my wellbeing and that of my children.


Counselling through Nilam has helped me beyond words. I have been able to be honest and say the things I really feel without being judged. I have learnt to be kinder to myself and stay with my feelings. To deal with my fear of not being good enough and believing in myself. Accepting praise and feeling more hopeful and positive about the future. I also feel empowered to move forward with whatever comes my way.


I made an appointment with Nilam and from the first visit felt very comfortable and I know I had made the right decision in going for counselling. Nilam is a great listener and due to her experience could understand how I was feeling and how to deal with what I was struggling with. After each session I felt much stronger to deal with my son’s autism and what we had to do to help him as a family.


As a parent of a child who has difficulties that are sometimes hard to see or notice you become frustrated with people. Nilam helped me to understand how to deal with this. She also directed me in helping me to think clearer and be more assertive. I would highly recommend Nilam to any parent who needs to discuss sensitive issues regarding their child’s disability.


On a personal level she is very warm with a great deal of empathy for the client’s whose needs she meets. She presents as calm and unhurried which in turn supports families and individuals who never dedicate any time for themselves. She is flexible in her approach to service delivery with a person centred attitude which allows her to focus on supporting client’s to achieve their goals.


Nilam worked with us on our recently public funded programme for parent/carers entitled who cares –we care where she offered counselling to individuals but also group sessions to families build emotional resilience. We consider this to be critical in supporting people whatever their situation to maintain their equilibrium in challenging times, whether in their work or personal life. The workshop scored highly and participants feeling they had gained further coping methods for dealing with their day-to-day stresses.


Nilam has a very warm, natural manner and never made me feel uncomfortable. I always felt I could say whatever I wanted to say and she never judged me.


Courses Testimonials

I was beginning to feel very lost unsupported and did not know how to cope or direct my energy in getting any form of help. Nilam and the group were very nurturing and helped me to focus on the skill to be assertive which provided me with the guidance and direction I needed in both my family life, interaction with my children and when attending important meeting and acting as an advocate for my children.


I had the good fortune to come across the Assertiveness Course run by Nilam. I am rather shy, but felt very welcomed and comfortable within the group. I Learnt many things about being assertive during our sessions, but the point that stuck with me, and that I use every day, is the difference between being: Assertive, Aggressive, Passive and Passive Aggressive. I love that being assertive is simply saying what you want and need to say in a calm manner, whist listening to the other person/people and being open to negotiation. I am not naturally a confrontational person, so this method works well with me.
I thoroughly recommend this course. Many thanks for your kind support Nilam


It was very empowering to realise I am resilient and I am a lot stronger than I believe I am. It was extremely beneficial to gain further understanding how to develop more skills to overcome the difficult changes I have recently come across in my life.


Many thanks Nilam , the Emotional Resilience Course was enjoyable, fun and very informative. I feel empowered and strong to use the strategies when required. I feel this course should be made more widely available as learning to be resilient and confident is a life skill.


This well constructed course teaches how much can be achieved in the future through embracing Nilam’s positive assertiveness and confidence building.


This insightful course allows any person a window to view how well they manage with the difficulties of a challenging life and to reflect how well they cope.


This concise weekly package gives step by step instructions to direct and encourage self belief and self-confidence. Who could not benefit from this opportunity. I know that I have and would highly recommend this inspirational course.


The courses exceeded all my expectations. The coping mechanisms taught us how to cope with the negatives in our lives and to focus on the positives, this has helped to avoid anxiety and depression from developing.


I feel it is very tricky to balance and deliver a course like this in a sensitive way. It is difficult to strike a balance between being informative and letting people speak, making them feel relaxed enough to tell their story. Nilam achieved this perfectly. She was warm, welcoming and immediately put me at ease. But above all, she had empathy and was kind to everyone.


Nilam is fantastic at making you feel included and welcomed. She took the time to get to know us each individually. Activities were extremely suited to all our needs in the group. Having a group under 20 really made a difference and helped me to connect with everyone. I have made some new friends within the group and we are hoping to meet up very soon.

L.T. Emotional Resilience Course.