Time4Hope offers a range of Personal Development Courses:

  • Building Emotional Resilience
  • Confidence/Self-Belief/Empowerment
  • Assertiveness
    • The three rules of assertiveness once learned and enabled in an individual can reduce the feelings associated with guilt creating a positive impact, reducing stress and leading to a better understanding of the need for the parent/carer to clarify what it is they need to prioritise, promote a greater sense of well-being and therefore have a better, more fulfilled life balance for themselves.

The courses are aimed to extend your resilience, self-confidence and self-belief in order to feel more empowered, as well as enhancing your self-esteem and assertiveness. This will assist with effective communication with others, which is the essence and foundations of improving relationships, establishing new friendships and being open to new opportunities within your work and personal life. Learning to be assertive is an essential life skill.

If there is a particular course which might be of benefit to you or your organisation, we are happy to discuss those requirements and offer a bespoke session/sessions subject to availability.

Personal Development Courses have also been run successfully with parents of children with additional needs. We have focused on the power of assertiveness and getting their voices heard effectively in order to achieve positive outcomes for their children and the whole family unit. My recent courses in building Emotional Resilience have covered a variety of coping strategies for parents and carers to apply in a variety of challenging situations.

I was beginning to feel very lost unsupported and did not know how to cope or direct my energy in getting any form of help. Nilam and the group were very nurturing and helped me to focus on the skill to be assertive which provided me with the guidance and direction I needed in both my family life, interaction with my children and when attending important meeting and acting as an advocate for my children.


It was very empowering to realise I am resilient and I am a lot stronger than I believe I am. It was extremely beneficial to gain further understanding how to develop more skills to overcome the difficult changes I have recently come across in my life.